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Welcome MUtizens to your new adventure!

It is with great pride that we bring you GamezMU Season XII for you to enjoy the classic and unique experience of the world of Mu Online.

GamezMU is a unique Mu Online server targeted at long-term playing, grinding and of course, PvP. The balanced experience system combined with our carefully designed drops will ensure a very enjoyable playing experience like no other private server.

As part of our launch celebrations, we will be having various events in the coming weeks. For detailed information regarding such events, you may visit our events page at www.gamezmu.com/events


We hope you enjoy playing at GamezMU, happy 2018 and GAME ON!


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We're very exceited to announce all the changes made for the server launch and also thank all the BETA testers that helped us in the last two months!


- All account vaults have been reset
- All character inventories have been reset
- All character stats and resets have been reset
- All beta testers with 1 or more resets will receive 1,000 WCOINS (within the next 24hrs)
- 5 million zen has been given to all characters with 1 or more resets
- 1 million zen has been given to all characters with no resets
- Updated drops of Kundun Boss (Kalima)
- Updated drops of Erohim
- Updated drops of Dark Elf
- Updated drops of Balgass
- Updated drops of Nightmare
- Updated drops of Mayas Left & Right Hand
- Updated drops of Selupan
- Updated drops of Medusa
- Updated drops of Golden Monsters (event)
- Updated drops of Lord Silvester
- Updated drops of Core Magriffy
- Updated drops of Lord of Ferea
- Updated drops of Knicks
- First Castle Siege will be on Saturday, January 20th
- Increased Blood Castle extra experience
- Increased Chaos Castle extra experience
- Increased Devil Square extra experience
- New rewards have been added to the reset system (even more will be added soon)
- Increased server capacity (online players)